Why you need a house abroad

Why buy a house abroad?

We know what it’s like to buy a house abroad. The excitement. The new possibilities. The unfamiliar foods you will try, the distinct scenery, so different from home that anything seems possible here. Building a new life without constraints from the past, creating it just the way you want it, to fully reflect you. Or building a second life, to escape from the first one, a few months of the year, and be the different person that you also are.

Hand the headache to us

Whether we want to buy a permanent home, or second one for winding down, or a third one to rent out, it excites us every time to browse the web, visit the house, and sign the deed. But we also know the fear of buying abroad. That there’s something you’re missing. That you make a crucial mistake on the notary deed, because you don’t speak the language. Or that you can’t turn your rough gem into a dream house, because of some local law that you didn’t know of. Or that you get into a fight with the constructor, because you don’t know the local mores.

Overcome these obstacles

In our experience, these fears keep people from realising their dream of owning a home abroad, and we hate that. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help you achieve your dream of buying a house abroad. We take away all the barriers that currently exist between you and your home. We do this, because seeing you enjoy life abroad, feels just as good for us as doing it ourselves.

Why life abroad is better

We know that away from home, time runs slower, light falls differently, food tastes richer, relationships are calmer, conversations run deeper. And maybe you haven’t even done that much today. You sit huddled around a campfire, roasting marshmallows, sipping a fine herbal tea, or a throat-warming whiskey, and feel absolute calmth, bliss even, you are content with everything. The Italians call it dolce far niente, the sweetness of doing nothing, but let’s be frank, all over the world people have discovered that slow living is one of the secrets to happiness, and nowhere is it easier to slow down than abroad.

You need your own refuge

And so we all love to travel, but inevitably we must return home, bittersweetly. From so much joy and life and connection, you go back to the old grooves of everyday obligations, with deadlines and chores and forever lacking time at the end of the day. So why not ensure you can return to your own refuge, where you can wind down whenever it suits you, and listen to the warm breeze through exotic plant leaves? You can be in your own familiar home. No disappointment over hotel rooms. No dirty bathrooms. No frugal breakfasts. Why not turn that bittersweetness of leaving into anticipation for returning to your second home? It’s made our lives so much better.

We start in Italy

We want to connect you with the endless opportunities for life abroad, and we shall start in Italy, a country you can recognise even with eyes closed, when passing an open kitchen window, and smelling the roasting of vegetables and the fragrance of aromatic herbs. Or when you see locals huddled around a bar with an espresso machine, standing while drinking their morning cappuccinos. When you hear the sweet melody of that ancient language, and decide you will learn it and be a local in all that, too.

Cypresses, swaying in the wind

Italy has it all. The mountains, to whose summits you can hike in summer and ski down from in winter. The lakes, that refresh your skin as you dive into them, that calm your senses when you traverse them on a boat. The eucalyptus forests, the endless vistas of cypresses, swaying in the wind. The seas, their lush coasts scenting of saltiness and freshness. The bustling metropoles of fashion and high culture. The quiet villages, in which silence is long-stretched, and the church bell tolling and the rooster crowing and the bicycle squeaking, will all happily yield back to that absolute silence.

In Italy, food is art

In Italy, you don’t just chuck together some wholesome ingredients and call it dinner. In Italy, food is art, enjoyed with cherished ones and friends, the new ones you make here and the old ones you bring from home. Italy is fresh ingredients and aromatic herbs, moist garlic that hasn’t dried yet, blushing tomatoes that haven’t lost their sweetness on a truck, savoury cheeses cured in a cave, wine from the next village, delicate oranges of which you taste every drop of juice, every sliver of peel, because you take time to eat them.

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